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    Wellness Retreat Programs

    Discover your best life, reconnected with natural sources of wellbeing, where your journey is tailored with your unique wellness intentions in mind. ​ JA Manafaru offers space to transform to a meaningful lifestyle, nourishing from the inside out.​

    Luxury Wellness Retreats​

    Connected with natural sources of wellbeing at our private island resort. ​ Our luxury wellness retreat programs are carefully curated to maximise your rejuvenation through activity, spa therapies, culinary experiences and time out of mind. ​ We offer a place where your journey to wellbeing is tailored with your unique intentions in mind. Accessible for those who are delving in for the first time and for more experienced wellbeing aficionados alike. ​ Delight in the power of the sun’s first rays alongside Maldives vacation essentials of Sun, Sand and Sea.​ ​JA Signature wellness…​ nourishing from the inside out.​

    A Taste of Wellness​

    An approachable discovery to Wellness. ​For those starting out on their path to wellbeing, these two to three day packages offer a chance to test the wellness water during their Maldives vacation. ​Packages are tailored to suit from the a la carte choices, with treatments and activities to start your journey. Paired with our Wellness Your Way menus to nourish you from the inside out. ​

    JA Signature Culinary Retreat​

    A retreat that offers Culinary learning for long term healthful habits. Perfect for those embarking on a journey to discover their optimal eating lifestyle these 5 to 10 days retreats will guide you in your chosen eating lifestyle through classes and workshops for lifelong learning. Treatments, therapies and activities will ease your path through detoxifying your body and engaging your mind, so you emerge into your new life refreshed and ready.​ ​

    Detox and Reset

    A Retreat vacation within our sanctuary of nature in the Maldives is a perfect time to reset your body and soothe your mind through detoxification. ​Your physical body will be reset through your curated treatments and therapies while your mind is quieted by the rhythms of the ocean tides. ​Our culinary team will deliver naturally nurturing cuisine to enhance your detoxification process, low in carbohydrates, free of sugars, gluten, dairy and low in lectins​ ​ ​ ​

    Mindful Journey​

    The Maldives is full of opportunities to be at one with yourself and with nature, and this retreat will add to your journey with activities to calm your mind. Treat yourself the opportunity to discover your best life, reconnected with natural sources of wellbeing at our private island resort. Your retreat will offer a sanctuary for the senses, a chance to step away from the everyday and recover balance in your body and mind. ​ ​ ​ ​

    Active De-Stress​

    A retreat does not mean you need to stand still. This wellness retreat allows inspiring experiences within the island, engaging active movement and meaningful connections with yourself, others, and with nature.​ Enjoy activities for mindful movement, strengthening your body and balancing your mind. The treatments included in this package will improve posture, alleviate pain and increase range of motion whilst rejuvenating your mental wellbeing. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​


    Our Maldives Wellness Retreats allow you to harness the power of the sun’s first rays each day and revelling in our lush gardens. We also offer the following rituals and inclusions to enhance your journey;​ Daily Vitamin and Mineral check with personalised juice.​ Personal journal to record your wellbeing journey.​ Gear bag and water flask.​ Morning and evening detox rituals.​ Nightly Personalised Villa Aromatherapy.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

    Epigenetic Testing​

    We partner with Cell-Wellbeing and Dr Rui Loureiro’s clinic, Cura Pura, to bring epigenetic hair testing to JA Manafaru to enhance your wellbeing retreat package. ​ This non-invasive testing offers a 36-page report with insights into your nutritional requirements. The process includes a video consultation with the experts at Cura Pura who will guide you on foods to avoid and foods to eat. They will also craft a personalised 3-month supplement plan to further enhance your overall wellbeing. ​ This report is included in the Culinary and Detox retreat programs. However, it can be added on to all wellbeing journeys or as a standalone experience. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

    Vitamin and Mineral Checking​

    Our bodies' requirement of vitamins and nutrients changes on a daily basis. We use the Vitastiq EVA technology to painlessly check 26 different nutrients via acupressure points in your hands. ​ This allows a snapshot of your nutritional requirements each day of your retreat journey. A personalised juice blended with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs is then created for you (and your body) to enjoy. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​


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