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    JA Manafaru are proud to be the custodians of the delicate environment in which our lush natural island is located, have a large and growing number of sustainability initiatives in place as a responsible resort operator in the Maldives.

    Solar Energy

    The resort's Heart of House buildings have been equipped with 120 solar panels to harness the bountiful sunlight of our island nation. This saves up to 250,000 litres of diesel and 600-750 tons of CO2 annually, equivalent to powering 35 of JA Manafaru's guest villas for 32 days.


    We meet our Maldives sustainability goals in dramatically reducing food packaging by making as many products in-house as possible, including yoghurt, jams, pickles, plant-based milk, probiotic sodas and kombucha. The Culinary team also make a palm oil free, and vegan, version of Nutella, cocotella, for guests to enjoy. We also create spa products from homegrown plants and waste items such as coffee grounds.

    Ocean Bound Plastics

    JA Manafaru has converted the material used to make laundry bags, beach bags and more to Ocean Bound Plastic material. This material is made from plastics collected from rivers in India and converted into a usable fabric. This means there are less plastics washing up on our shores and less microplastics in the ocean.


    We aim to reduce our environmental impact by growing fresh produce in our gardens therefore lowering our carbon footprint and reducing packaging. Discover our organic Chef's Garden, in the shape of a coconut frond and book a foraging lunch experience to learn about and taste what is grown. Our large scale hydroponics facility aims to meet 90% of the resorts salad leaf requirements and saves up to 200 units of plastic each month.

    Chicken House

    Don’t miss a visit to Cluckingham Palace, which we created to provide the freshest eggs for you to enjoy–every day. These lucky chickens have their own bar, restaurant, gym, villa and even a spa ensuring they are the happiest hens around.

    Mushroom Hut

    The island's mushroom hut grows delicious oyster mushrooms, picked daily and delivered to the kitchen for the freshest eating pleasure With 2-3 kg produced daily this contributes to the reduction of packaging and plastic waste on the island.

    Ethical Meats

    At JA Manafaru we care about the natural world and the creatures within it. Our Ethical meat program ensures that the animal products we offer on our menus come from farmers that treat their animals with care and their land with respect.

    Reducing Plastics

    The adoration and responsibility for the island and the surrounding ocean guide our every step. We work hand-in-hand with Parley for the Oceans to fight plastic ocean waste. We use compostable alternatives where possible, using bamboo as an alternative to plastic straws, reusable food boxes and many items made from island timber or other natural materials.

    Compostable Coffee Pods

    We use Tropical Mountain coffee pods for our espresso machines. These pods are 100% compostable, they can go directly into our gardens to nourish of leafy greens. The coffee itself is ethically sourced and delicious.

    Waste Management

    The discreet waste management centre processes the island waste products. Practices to reduce landfill include crushing glass for use building works, preparing plastics for recycling and compacting paper, We also process food waste into nutritious liquid fertiliser for our gardens.

    Zero Food Waste

    JA Manafaru is in the process of greatly reducing our food waste. Zero waste menus have been created to serve delicious treats and exotic mixers for cocktails. The chickens help out by eating vegetable waste and all other waste is processed in a food digester to create liquid fertiliser for the organic gardens.

    Drinking Water

    All useable water at JA Manafaru is created using reverse osmosis, otherwise known as desalinisation. We then create drinking water that is re-mineralised and decanted into our glass water bottles, eliminating the need for plastic bottles.

    Local Purchasing

    As a sustainable Maldives Resort, JA Manafaru aims to decrease the island's carbon footprint and improve the local economy. We choose to purchase from local suppliers as often as possible, helping to support the local community. This includes buying seafood from fisherman using sustainable fishing practices.

    Dhivehi Beys

    Dhivehi means Maldivian. Beys means medicine. This ancient knowledge passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation encompasses natural remedies developed over centuries, reminiscent of Ayurveda treatments. Last decade, Dhivehi Beys was on the verge of extinction, with only three practitioners remaining in all of the Maldives. JA Manafaru is fortunate to have a skilled practitioner on our island who guides the team with this ancient practice and knowledge.

    The Real Maldives

    A trip to JA Manafaru is like going back to a time in the Maldives with almost no air traffic and little boat traffic. To enhance this Robinson Crusoe castaway experience, the island offers an array of activities for learning of the local customs and traditions through a cultural lounge and local excursions.


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