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    Calm Spa & Wellness

    Variety is the spice of life and the team at JA Manafaru believes in offering choices for all. The island experience objective is to support every interested guest on a personal path to wellness during an unforgettable Maldivian escape.

    A Holistic Approach To Wellness

    Every effort is made tailoring experiences to make for a true Indian Ocean castaway vacation with all the luxurious trimmings discerning travellers come to expect. To assist in achieving this pure pleasure, ‘Wellness Your Way’ is JA Manafaru’s island initiative to compliment individual lifestyles from cuisine to wellbeing.
    Guests may wish to work out in the gym and eat salad one day, whilst the next evening enjoy a seven-course degustation in our subterranean wine cellar - choices to turn an island escape into an unforgettable dream.

    Calm Spa And Wellness

    Calm Spa Sanctuary is the island’s wellness retreat in the heart of a tropical forest.
    Nothing more than the sound of nature echoing can be heard in the secluded garden as energy flows from all around. With eight private rooms, guests can indulge in the most peaceful and therapeutic of treatments, while listening to the wildlife of the tropical canopy.
    Taking influence from Eastern and Western therapies, the spa's certified practitioners also combine the local tradition of Dhivehi Beys, the ancient Maldivian art of blending the island's herbs and plants to create medicinal natural products for a signature treatment. With both men's and women’s steam rooms and saunas, as well as plunge pools in the changing rooms, Calm Spa Sanctuary really is a 'Heaven on Earth' experience.

    Eating Well On Vacation

    At JA Manafaru, understanding the personal needs of each guest doesn't just stop at the villa category chosen or the choice of pillow softness.
    When it comes to dining, offering a wide range of restaurants and outlets is one way this beautiful island enhances guest experience with more choices. Outlets aside, also meeting the personal eating lifestyles of guests takes this principle of choice even further.
    JA Manafaru's 'Wellness Your Way' has been designed to broaden the island's menu choices, catering for more diverse tastes and diets. Every one of the themed restaurants offers dishes with wellbeing in mind. Guests can choose from full menus of specially prepared dishes for diets including, dairy free, gluten free, vegan/vegetarian and low carb.

    Yoga And Mindfulness

    With nature in abundance on this most secluded of tropical islands, JA Manafaru is the perfect escape for those who enjoy the benefits of yoga and stretching. Complimentary scheduled classes will enrich the mind, body, and soul.
    For a little more privacy, why not book a private session with the resident certified Yoga Master, and commune with the island energy through breathwork and meditation sessions.

    Signature Treatments

    The Calm Spa Sanctuary therapists are specialists in a variety of treatments from around the world. Choose from a wide selection of traditional massages ranging from Balinese to Thai or let a therapist assess your needs and be guided with an intuitive massage. No matter what the objective for treatment, a spa experience is guaranteed to fully relax, rebalance energy and reduce tension in body and mind.
    The perfect Maldives honeymoon spa escape awaits with couples’ treatments designed to connect lovers with nature and each other. Choose from either a special treatment room set up for two or an al fresco experience beachside.

    Alchemy Bar

    Join workshops in the Calm Spa Sanctuary ‘Alchemy Bar’ to make organic scrubs, balm, soap and more. Follow the principles of local traditional herbalism to create organic beauty products through plants picked from the spa gardens. Visit the Calm Spa Sanctuary to find out more on how use of homegrown produce creates refreshing natural amenities for Maldivian-style spa treatments.

    Eminence Products

    Calm Spa Sanctuary has partnered with Eminence a leading provider of organic wellness produce to bring treatments using organic ingredients grown in botanical gardens in Hungary. Containing potent healing ingredients, every product uses hand-picked herbals infused with natural hot spring water to bring the best of Mother Nature’s minerals to a treatment. From body wraps to facials, every treatment is carefully considered to ease the mind, invigorate and leave skin glowing.

    Fitness At JA Manafaru

    Bring exercising into a new dimension at this most stunning of locations surrounded by nature and the Indian Ocean. For the health-conscious, JA Manafaru’s fitness centre is fully equipped to ensure every kind of daily routine is supported.
    No matter how intense the exercise, the island’s state-of-the-art gymnasium can support in every detail. From cardio-workouts to yoga, providing for active lifestyles is an integral part of the guest experience at JA Manafaru.
    For more competitive guests, challenge your partner to a game of tennis, badminton or go head-to-head with pickleball - just a few of the many sports available.

    Ancient Healing Dhivehi Beys

    Drawing on inspiration from the rich traditions of the Maldives, Calm Spa Sanctuary offers a truly authentic well-being experience. One of the unique aspects of the treatments and workshops available is the inclusion of native island plants in beauty products, following the age-old tradition of Dhivehi Beys.
    This ancient approach to local well-being incorporates the healing properties of indigenous plants and herbs into therapeutic treatments. The natural remedies and knowledge passed down through generations are harnessed to provide a genuine and holistic Maldivian wellness experience.

    Wellness Drinks To Delight

    With guests health in mind, the island team has introduced organic products in drinks menus which now list sugar free cocktails, wellness smoothies and boasts one of the most extensive alcohol-free beverages lists in the Maldives. The new Homemade@JAManafaru program supports this with a Wellness Bar where guests can choose from variety of probiotic sodas, including a range Kombucha, natural tonic water and even homemade bitters.

    Wellness Programs

    In 2024, a new wellness program will enhance any relaxation escape to JA Manafaru. This curated program caters for individual needs and preferences, to ensure a truly unforgettable vacation.
    The new wellness program will encompass three core themes: Detox, Movement, and Mindfulness. These themes are designed to promote holistic well-being and ensure that JA Manafaru is a rejuvenating and transformative experience.

    Visiting Practitioners

    To further elevate the guest well-being journey, JA Manafaru has established partnerships with a select group of eminent therapists who bring a wealth of expertise to the Calm Spa Sanctuary.
    With diversity of experience at the core of the visiting practitioner program, guests can choose from treatments delivered by leading acupuncturists, facialists and energy healers – all unique and complimentary to an unforgettable stay at JA Manafaru.

    Learn About Our Practitioners


    31 January to 13 February 2024

    Holistic and Energy Specialist, Vandana, invites you to explore your intention with a simplified procedure of Pause, Reflect and Align. She believes in the “Power of Pause” for inner reflection and to re-align with your true inspirational self.

    Learn More

    Katrina Valente

    28 March to 5 May 2024

    Katrina is passionate about helping you discover your full potential form the inside out. Her unique method combine working with your mind, body and soul. Her coaching guides and give you the tools you need to discover the best version of yourself and in having healthy loving relationships.

    Learn More

    Dr. Rui Loureiro

    14 February to 3 March 2024

    Dr. Rui graduated from Chengdu’s University of Chinese Medicine in China and completed a postgraduate in Cosmetic Acupuncture from CMIR/ACUMEDIC – London and Beijing’s University of Chinese Medicine. Guests can c hoose from ‘Quit Smoking for Life’, ‘Facial Rejuvenation’ and ‘Anti-Cellulite’ acupuncture treatments.

    Learn More

    Dr Tridendra

    15th Dec to 15 Jan 2024

    Dr. Tridendra is a highly experienced medical graduate hailing from Nepal. With a remarkable 17 years of combined work experience in Luxury Cruise Lines, Resort Groups, and Clinical Setup. He specializes in holistic treatments, offering a unique blend of alternative and complementary therapies to promote overall well-being.

    Learn More


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