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Welcome to JA Fitness, where a good attitude is how the work out begins. Whether your gym regime is a way of life or if you’re simply looking to blow off some steam, we provide whatever you need, to walk out feeling satisfied. Join JA Fitness for a first class fitness experience suitable for everyone today.

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JA Fitness

Stay fit across your journey with
JA Fitness

Discover a well-equipped haven for fitness enthusiasts across JA Resorts & Hotels whether in Dubai, Seychelles or Maldives to stay in shape

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If you are interested in weight loss or a result driven workout, Speedflex is the right choice for you with its high intensity workout sessions and the latest revolutionary fitness programme from experienced trainers.

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With our experienced personal JA Fitness trainers there is no more excuse to skip the work out and start a healthier life.

Health Benefits :

Enhanced motivation & Expert support

Personalised fitness advise & Rapid result

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Why sink when you can swim with our professional swimming instructors at JA Ocean View Hotel

Health Benefits :

Weight control

Increase strength

Healthier hart

Work hard and train even harder with JA Fitness group on our energetic fitness classes outdoors.

Health Benefits :

Fresh air/Full body workout

Great for Fat burn and toning

Increase stamina


Health & Nutrition

Discover the healthy way of living with our JA Fitness experts, expand your knowledge of health and nutrition and start making it a habit on your daily routine. We believe you are what you eat, so why not be the best you that you can be.