The five-star beachfront resort is made even more special thanks to the dazzling marina with its range of sports and pleasure boats, as well as exclusive super Yachts. First constructed in 1981, the marina has welcomed a large number of vessels to its clean blue waters. For boat trips in Dubai the sailing area outside the marina is normally peaceful and calm and we offer fishing trips to the popular site where enthusiasts head in search of a good catch.


  • The marina benefits from a secluded location within the award-winning JA The Resort where guests can enjoy all the other facilities on offer in the five-star hotel setting.
  • Peaceful waters and afternoon sea breezes create the perfect conditions for Dubai boat trips.
  • Just past the Jebel Ali Palm lies the renowned fishing spot, which attracts a huge number of fishing boats every year. Take a trip there with our experienced team.



  • The JA The Resort Marina office is open seven days a week from 8.30am until 6.30pm.
  • We welcome short-term and day visits. Visitors can explore the resort for the entrance rate or stay aboard their vessel.
  • Permits to sail can be organised by our team if all documentation is present and up to date.
  • A fuel station is available onsite for vessels in the wet and dry berth.
  • 24-hour security is available.
  • Marina assistants are on hand to assist with arrivals and departures and any other operational issues.  
  • Full resort access is available for a fee.
  • Electricity and water are available at the pontoon or on the quay wall.
  • Transport trolleys are available to assist with moving equipment.
  • Full safety equipment is available in and around the marina.
  • Free car parking is available at Club Jumana.