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    Shift Engineer

    JA Palm Tree Court

    22 September 2019
    1. The ability to provide and supervise service and repairs as outlined in the Technical Skills List, depending on grade level, for electrical, plumbing, steam, gas, fire & safety, HVAC, refrigeration, interior, paint and decorating problems.
    2. The ability to lubricate and supervise machinery operation on a regular basis.
    3. The ability to provide machinist work to all equipment such as replacing and repairing bearings, gears, belts, shafts, control mechanism, etc.
    4. The ability to conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times to reflect the high standards of JA Resorts & Hotels.
    5. The ability to ensure a clean, neat and organized work area. The ability to maintain a good working relationship with other employees.
    6. The ability to handle and report any accident immediately, no matter how minor. The ability to respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.
    7. The ability to perform and supervise other tasks or projects as assigned by hotel management and associates.
    8. The ability to maintain and re-lamp all lamps in the hotel, including socket repair and replacement.
    9. The ability to install electrical wiring for renovations, electrical outlet additions, motors and associated equipment.
    10. The ability to provide and supervise preventive maintenance of all electrical/mechanical/plumbing equipment and updating of appropriate logs.
    11. The ability to clean all stations in Engineering and maintain a neat and organized department.
    12. The ability to adjust and clean televisions.
    13. The ability to respond to all guest complaints regarding the maintenance of their room or public areas in a timely manner.
    14. The ability to perform and supervise preventive maintenance in guestrooms and public areas.
    15. The ability to assist and manage all plumbing stoppages in the resort.
    16. The ability to repair an assortment of items brought to the shop by other departments.
    17. The ability to clean grease traps, filters and drains as necessary.
    18. The ability to assemble desks, shelving, cabinets, etc. as assigned.
    19. The ability to perform major utility shutdowns for repairs.
    20. The ability to assist guests with special requests such as opening luggage when keys are lost.
    21. The ability to maintain logs for all operating equipment and work performed while on duty.
    22. The ability to install or relocate any addition or existing equipment when necessary.
    23. The ability to treat urinals with de-liming solution.
    24. The ability to take meter readings, record temperatures and pressures in heating and cooling plant.
    25. The ability to check all mechanical rooms.
    26. The ability to clean gas burners and charcoal burners.
    JATR – Doc. Ref: JATR-Engineering – Shift Engineer - Issue 1 – September 17 2019
    27. The ability to clean fixtures and shades.
    28. The ability to unplug toilets and change out valves and valve seats.
    29. The ability to respond to work orders or room inspection reports submitted by Department Heads.
    30. The ability to respond to all emergency conditions such as fires, power failures, etc.
    31. The ability to maintain a good working relationship with other employees, providing instruction and encouragement as needed.
    32. Other duties as assigned


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