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    Reservation and Revenue Manager

    JA Manafaru

    22 January 2020

    ·Make sure Reservation Team is aware of Selling Strategy as per the Revenue Management Guidelines and available for selling through Property Management System in use at all times.

    ·Actively monitors the competitive environment and provide recommendations to Revenue Manager in order to maximise Revenue Generation Index (RGI).

    ·Maintain a consistent focus on improving the overall flow of Reservations operations.

    ·Make sure Reservation Team is updated on all the information through the systems available.

    ·Ensure that the Reservation lines are attended at all times during scheduled hours and that sufficient staffing is present to meet the daily business requirements / business demands.

    ·Ensure associates’ knowledge of overall hotel products, services, features and amenities.

    ·Ensure the team work within the department with a sales focused attitude and team are aware of sales opportunities within the hotel which will assist with the maximization of revenue.

    ·Ensure all team members are aware of all room revenue targets and are kept informed of performance results.

    ·Ensure that the reservations team drive, manage and maintain robust positive relations with all key accounts and business partners.

    ·Monitor and ensure that Reservations associates’ performs their job functions to the company standards and assist whenever necessary in performing all job functions to the standards.

    ·Work closely with other departments to effectively accommodate guests' special requests and amenities. Also monitor VIP and repeat guest bookings.

    ·Review any reservations erroneously taken during restricted dates with individual responsible.

    ·Review previous night's occupancy report and check daily pick up reports are inline & order.

    ·Monitor and handle guest complaints/disputes following procedures and ensuring guest satisfaction.

    ·Carry out quality checks and instigate relevant action on all areas of data collection.

    ·Oversee - Rate Code Loading in PMS, CRS and other OTA’s. Ensure respective packages are attached with the correct revenue split.

    ·Work closely with the Revenue Manager in determining the percentage for overbooking.

    ·Attend designated meetings (Daily morning briefing / Revenue Meeting / Credit Meeting etc.).

    ·Accurately collect data in all systems maintained according to company standards.

    ·Periodically review reservation procedures together with the Revenue Manager.

    ·Perform any additional requests deemed reasonable from Management.

    Assist all staff under his/her control in the accomplishment of their objectives through regular one to one sessions.


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