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    Pay master General Cashier

    JA Manafaru

    29 April 2019
    • Maintaining the Payroll Master File with all fixed remuneration of associates, as provided by the Human Resources and approved by the General Manager, respective Department Head and Financial Controller.

    • Verify all variable transactions that have an impact on the pay calculation for the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly payroll, as the case maybe.

    • Input the daily attendance of all associates for the pay calculation.

    • Verify all variances of the associates’ daily scheduled attendance vs actual and ascertain that all variances are properly explained and approved by the respective Department Heads.

    • Prepare the daily/weekly/monthly Payroll Journal Vouchers for uploading to the Financial System.

    • Reconcile all salary advances with the general ledger.

    • Reconcile all salary deductions with the corresponding departments i.e. accounts receivable/accounts payable/general ledger.

    • Prepare the salary register for the approval of the Head of Human Resources, the Finance Manager and the General Manager.

    • Prepare the lists for the bank transfers related to the wages/salaries payment.

    • Prepare the vacation salary advances as per the country’s law requirements

    • Collect and count (with a witness) the contents of all cashiers’ envelopes daily.

    • Receive, acknowledge second copy of check lists and record in the General Cashier’s Daily. Report and include in the daily deposit all checks or money orders received in the mail.

    • Prepare and make the daily bank deposit;

    • Prepare General Cashier’s Daily Report.

    • Provide all cashiers with required change, including extra change for long weekends or special occasions.

    • Reimburse cashiers for disbursements made by them.

    • Count the assigned cash float daily and properly account for all disbursements made thereof.

    • Upload the receipts of issued for payments received through remittance advice/bank checks.

    • Update Exchange Memo register and account for all receipts issued by the FO.


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