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    Painter and Polisher

    JA Palm Tree Court

    22 September 2019
    • Keep the painting workshop clean, neat and safe always in order to avoid possible fire related incidents.
    • Attend to all painting complaints in guest rooms and all outlets.
    • Preparing of purchase requisition for the paints not available in the store.
    • Inform Line Manager verbally or through relevant logbook regarding day to day operations.
    • Report all areas with defects related to painting to Line Manager.
    • Inspect public areas regularly and keeps the surroundings presentable always.
    • Use proper size of ladders and scaffolding to execute the job and keeps presentable caution sign boards and hoardings around the area and ensure the area is clean after completion of the job.
    • Maintain walls, ceiling, painted floor, wood work, furniture of the hotel as per the standard at all times
    • Perform any other duties assigned by Shift in-charge / Chief Engineer.
    • Covers the area in question prior to commence the work and keeps presentable caution signboard and hoardings around the work area.
    • Ensures the area is clean after the completion of the job.
    • Dispose the debris and oils in a responsible manner.
    • Advise Engineering Shift in-charge on day to day operations/defects through the relevant log sheet and verbally as well.
    • Maintains furniture, wood work, timber flooring, etc., as per the standards at all times. 
    • Inspects pubic areas regularly and keeps the surroundings presentable always


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