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    Marina Dock & Yard Master

    JA Beach Hotel

    23 December 2019

    ·Maintain a safe/clean and operational area with scheduled garbage/waste bin cleaning

    ·Assist boat owners with luggage and cargo as & when required

    ·Assist in carrying out services, repairs & electrical works as & when required on in-house and outside guest/members vessels

    ·Repair & maintenance of all in house equipment were required

    ·Carry out fuelling duties on both the fuel pontoon and Dry berth fuelling stations

    ·Carry out accurate completion of petrol, diesel & oil records including filling in of cheque books

    ·Assist in the attendance of boat break-downs as & when required

    ·Liaise with the office related to any spares/equipment required for all in-house boats/equipment to be fully operational

    ·Control Exalto Consignment stocks

    ·Maintain cleanliness of all marina signage’s and documents where required

    .Assist all members, visiting guests and members guests as and where required

    ·Maintains good relationships with colleagues and contributes to team spirit

    ·Cooperates and interact with other departments to provide additional assistance to specialized guest

    ·Attend scheduled training activities

    ·Comply with Company grooming & hygiene standards

    ·Comply with work ROTA’s and help in creating Rotas

    ·Comply with outlined duties in the Associate Handbook, company policies and Rules & Regulations

    ·Upsell work order and consignment stocks

    ·Full understanding and awareness of all policies and procedures relating to Health, Hygiene and Fire Safety

    .Ensure all security incidents, accidents and near misses are always logged in a timely manner and brought to the attention of the Line Manager


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