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    Facilities Preventive Maintenance Supervisor

    JA The Resort

    29 June 2019
    Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Receives and records all requests and issues to Facilities Department.
    • Monitors the speed at which requests & issues are attended and provide a job completed and outstanding report on a daily basis.
    • Informs Facilities Manager of any jobs that have not been completed yet.
    • Informs Facilities Manager of any trends or regular items appearing on requests.
    • Completes all illness notifications, termination forms etc., within preset timeframe.
    • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly work schedules based on the standards of care and long-range plan. Administer the work order system for The Resort. Ensure work orders are completed on schedule & Identify areas for improvement and assign team to take care of issues in future.
    • Advises Facilities Manager on the Facilities administration problems within the department.
    • Keeps daily records of purchase requests etc. and monitors progress order stage.
    • Controls completed work registers and monitors progress- to- order stage where necessary.
    • To ensure all external contractors are logged in/out of the premise when they commence and finish work.
    • To keep daily records of energy consumption and review them with the Facilities Manager on a daily basis.
    • To be the department communication point.
    • To maintain information on the movement and appointment of Key employees within the Facilities department.
    • Maintains records of number of employees and company names/contractors working within the company.
    • Report to the Facilities Manager any job that requires urgent attention.
    • Utilizing a CAFM (FSI) database, manage allocations and maintain data accuracy, and perform quarterly data and drawing audits
    • Communicates recommendations in written reports and graphic presentations. Produces graphic charts and diagrams for visual display of quantitative and qualitative information. Illustrates organizational, operational and functional relationships that pose physical and spatial impacts. Prepares plans, schematic schedules, stack and block fit plans.
    • Utilizing a CAFM (FSI) database, manage allocations and maintain data accuracy, and perform quarterly data and drawing audits
    • Ensure routine calibration and maintenance requirements of a variety of
    Electro-mechanical systems are undertaken.
    • Liaise on the Technical level with external contractors or suppliers.
    • Organize major future requirements and plan to make materials requirements.
    • Timely communicate with departments regarding Engineering concerns and needs.
    • Planned, execute preventive maintenance and upkeep of engineering services.
    • Develop clear accountability for maintenance material spends combined with a strategy to manage expenditure.


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