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    Facilities Operator

    JA The Resort

    30 July 2019
    • Checking of chlorine of potable water testing every shift.

    • Checking of water tank level and pumps, laundry steam boiler 100PSI maintained and make up tank,softner system to check.

    • Daily checking of electricity and water meter reading. 

    • LPG tank checking every shift and order if required and checking of fire pump room, cold water pumps water level.

    • Drain and refilling of water in La Fontana and main pool fountain if applicable.

    • Maintain parameters of swimming pool and Jacuzzi at all times.

    • Maintain stocks of chemicals on hand in order to monitoring specified water treatment parameters.  Ensure the chemical cupboard is always locked in terms of safety

    • Maintain the calorifier temperature of JAH Plant Room into 100ºF to 120ºF and Laundry compressor into 7.5 bars to 9.5 bars.

    • Maintain the chlorine level of all swimming pools, daily cleaning of strainer and backwashing every shift. Laundry hot water strainer to clean every shift.

    Maintain the temperature of all PTC villas Plant room calorifier, pumps and water if applicable.


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