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    Concierge Agent with Driving license

    JA Hatta Fort Hotel

    29 June 2019

    ·Promptly secure delivery, storage and collection of guest luggage, along with proper ticketing to avoid confusion.

    ·Arrange transport with existing transport supplier as per guest requests.

    ·Deliver faxes and letters to in-house guests.

    ·Greet and assist guests upon arrival at the hotel.

    ·Provide accurate information to guests about the city and related information.

    ·Make accurate restaurant reservations for guests and confirm back once made.

    ·Ensure cleanliness of hotel main entrance area.

    ·Deliver daily departure letters to following day’s departures.

    ·Follow LQA standards in all dealings with guests.

    ·Manage traffic on hotel driveway.

    ·Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the city and events.

    ·Report complaints to Line Manager.

    ·Practise safe lifting techniques to avoid injury.

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