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    Our Sustainability Commitment

    Sustainability lies at the heart of JA Resorts & Hotels. With lush properties dotted with vast green spaces and flourishing eco-systems unique to each resort across the UAE and the Indian Ocean, we continually strive to preserve and sustain our extraordinary environments and adopt best sustainable practices from around the world to ensure that our communities and environments are nurtured, protected, and geared towards a happier and greener tomorrow for the future generation of guests and travellers alike.

    With our promise, green tourism dominates our choices at each one of our properties. The ways we conserve the natural habitats and wildlife surrounding our destinations, the positive footprint we can create within our communities, and the ways we can ensure ecological well-being are each deeply rooted in all our functions

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    Our People

    At JA, our people act as ambassadors for our sustainability mission and operate with a deep commitment and a vastly eco-conscious mindset through everything they do at our properties and beyond. We are truly committed to ensuring that all our team members are well versed in the impact of their actions on our immediate surroundings and environments.

    While we put great emphasis on our training around sustainability and eco-tourism, we have also introduced eco-guidelines for the conduct, and take concrete actions to ensure that sustainability is always at the forefront and remains deeply woven into our everyday mandate. Some of our initiatives include regular beach clean-ups with participation from guests, children, and the local community. All our JA Resorts & Hotels team members also take a sustainability pledge, and in return receive a refillable aluminium bottle.

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    Our Guests

    As we believe it is imperative to continually look for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint, we engage with our guests and encourage them to adopt a series of “Green” initiatives such as opting for the use of plastic-free straws, bottled drinking water, in-room recycling bins and fresh linens and towels on the “third-day policy.” Hand in hand with our guests, it is these small choices that drive our eco-conscious efforts across all touchpoints through the guest journey and speak for our commitment to sustainability from start to finish.

    We also feature a 1,100m2 bio-garden at JA The Resort as part of our ongoing contributions, that produces a fresh harvest, inspiring “farm-to-table” dining across all our dining outlets.

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    At JA Resorts & Hotels, we view our planet with a sustainability-focused lens across everything we aspire to do. With such consciousness at the forefront of our commitment to the preservation of our serene surroundings, we are also the first hospitality brand in the region to install water treatment systems along with cleaning and bottling systems to eliminate environmentally harmful single-use plastics.

    This can be found at three Dubai properties - JA The Resort, JA Ocean View Hotel and JA Hatta Fort Hotel. The implementation of such systems has resulted in an estimated saving of 3.4 million pieces of single use plastic so far. Further afield across to the Indian Ocean, an on-site bottling plant can also be found at JA Manafaru resort in the Maldives, and at JA Enchanted Island resort in the Seychelles.

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    Sustainability at JA Manafaru Maldives


    Across the Indian Ocean at our multi-award-winning resort - JA Manafaru Maldives launched the JA Manafaru Ocean Bottle, a reusable drinking bottle made partially from repurposed ocean plastics. It is the first resort in the Maldives to partner with Ocean Bottle®, an entrepreneurial start-up attempting to close the loop on plastics entering the world’s oceans.

    From pioneering water bottling plants to reducing the use of single-use plastic consumption, beach and coral reef clean-ups, food waste reduction technologies; sustainable purchasing practices encouraging the use of local, fair trade, green labels & environmentally friendly goods; energy, water, and waste management plants as well as “green events,” remain our top priority and are of paramount importance to our brand and people.

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    Our Communities and Green Partnerships

    We support our local communities by participating in various initiatives and events, with organizations aligned with our company’s Sustainability Vision. In the U.A.E, JA Resorts & Hotels is also proudly associated with Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs and strives tirelessly to empower local communities through similar platforms with continuous programmes and special projects focusing on creating impactful outcomes for the beautiful communities we call home.

    To further reiterate our commitment, we also unceasingly seek and foster partnerships with social and government entities with a common goal as we all aspire towards achieving our mandate, aimed at reversing the adverse effects of climate change. Some of our current alliances include:


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