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    It's a kind of Manafaru magic this festive

    Experience the ultimate celebration of joy and wonder during this magical Festive Season. Embrace the spirit of the enchantment with captivating performances, dazzling light displays, delectable feasts, and enchanting surprises around every corner. Join us for a truly unforgettable experience that will fill your heart with happiness and create cherished moments to last a lifetime.

    Festive Brochure
    23rd Dec

    Christmas Cookie Decorating

    Christmas becomes even more delightful as our smallest guests step into a world of sweet wonderment, where cookie decorating becomes an enchanting art. Embrace the joy of bringing your cookie visions to life and savor the delicious satisfaction of your culinary creations.

    24th Dec

    Christmas Gala Dinner

    A sumptuous spread of Christmas classics awaits at our Gala Dinner. Dine to the magic of hundred of candles flickering in the gentle breeze.

    25th Dec

    Christmas Brunch

    Embrace the joyous spirit of Christmas Day with a long and leisurely brunch at Kakuni, where a feast of culinary delights awaits to tantalize your taste buds. From fluffy, indulgent pancakes to succulent roasted turkey, and all the Christmas pudding you can dream of, this brunch promises to be a gastronomic celebration like no other.

    26th Dec

    Maldivian Enchanting Stories

    The Maldivian culture is rich with folktales, and we invite you to gather around while our team weaves an enchantment of these stories for you.

    27th Dec

    Magic Scavenger Hunt

    Scamper among the verdant jungle of our lush natural island to discover all the clues to unlock the magic of JA Manafaru.

    28th Dec

    Aerial Class

    Our visiting aerialist will teach our guests to weave an enchantment through the air with a lesson in the aerial arts.

    29th Dec

    Caviar Dinner

    Discover the epitome of oceanic luxury as our overwater Teppanyaki restaurant, Lonu, presents a culinary masterpiece showcasing one of the ocean›s most treasured gifts | Caviar. Prepare to be enchanted by our culinary wizards as they curate a tantalizing menu that celebrates the opulence and refinement of this exquisite delicacy.

    30th Dec

    Campfire Wizardry Stories

    Des and Zoie will conjure up a unique story from thin air. J oin them ar ound the camp fire and hear the never to be heard again story unfold.

    31th Dec

    New Years Eve Gala Dinner

    A feast to end the year awaits at Kakuni. Enjoy succulent seafood, tender grills and tantalising desserts while our hosts and performers warm you up for the final countdown.

    1st Jan

    Bellini and Blinis

    As the sun dips below the horizon on this brandnew year, join us at our overwater bar to sip Bellinis and savour blinis while listening to the dulcet tones of our resident band.

    2nd Jan

    Magical Pool Party with Tom Green

    Splash into the year’s second day with a pool party hosted by Radio DJ Tom Green. His special sense of humour will combine with hosts Des and Zoie for more fun under the sun.

    3rd Jan

    Chocolate Truffle Class

    Embark on a cocoa-laced workshop over the serene waters of Lonu Restaurant, where the art of rolling the perfect chocolate truffle awaits.

    4th Jan

    Karaoke Night with Tom Green

    Superstar Radio DJ Tom Green will lead the way with a special Karaoke night at the overwater Veli Bar. Brush up your vocals ready to sing the night away.

    5th Jan

    Pryaniki Cooking Class

    As the anticipation builds for the second celebration of Christmas in our festive program, a delightful and heartwarming activity awaits: the art of baking Pryaniki. Embark on a journey of culinary tradition and culture as our expert chefs guide you through the secrets of crafting these delightful spiced honey cakes.

    6th Jan

    Orthodox Gala Dinner

    Immerse yourself in a culinary journey like no other as you savor a delectable spread of regional delicacies, thoughtfully curated to celebrate the joyous occasion of Orthodox Christmas in our enchanting Gala Dinner feast. As you savor the exquisite flavors, be enchanted by live performances from our talented visiting artists, who will grace the evening with their captivating acts.

    Juggling Class

    7th JanStep into a world of enchantment as our visiting performers astound and captivate you with their mesmerizing workshop on juggling skills.

    7th Jan


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