JA Al Sahra Desert Resort

JA Al Sahra Desert Resort Equestrian Centre is a majestic Dubai desert resort set in 37 million square feet of undulating dunes populated with indigenous flora and fauna. Part of the Dubailand development, this multi-purpose complex embodies a rich local heritage and the true spirit of Arabian adventure. Horse riding, camel riding, livery, tuition, excursions, educational trips and team building events are offered at the Equestrian Centre and the fully-licensed venue is ideal for private parties with a range of dining options.


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Meetings & Events

Book your event at one of the most spectacular Dubai desert resorts for an authentic Arabian welcome. This state-of-the-art entertainment complex encompasses several charming venues that cast a captivating backdrop whatever the occasion, including the impressive Al Sahra Amphitheatre.



Tiered outdoor seating features curved rows and an elevated lounge with terrace seating overlooking the stage.



Say “I do” amongst the dunes and experience the romance of the desert all around.

Local Information

Experience some of the world’s finest shopping, from big name fashion brands to local souvenirs. Try your hand at thrilling sporting pursuits or get out into the desert, ride the sand dunes and glimpse the wildlife in its natural habitat. JA Al Sahra Desert Resort Equestrian Centre is just a 45-minute drive from Dubai’s city centre.

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Important Note - Tourism Dirham and VAT
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Lost & found
The hotel has a lost & found section which is part of our Housekeeping Department. In line with local regulations, non-valuable lost and found items will be stored for a period of three months and after which, the items will be discarded. Valuable items are handed over to the local police authorities after a period of six months.

The UAE benefits from sunny skies the whole year round and rainfall is rare. It is usually warm and pleasant during the winter months, from October to April, when daytime temperatures average around 26°C, although nights can be relatively cool, between 12–15°C. Local northwesterly winds (shamal) can develop during the winter, bringing cooler, windy conditions. Peak summer temperatures reach the mid‐40s in July and August and humidity in coastal areas averages between 50 and 60 per cent, rising to a high of over 90 per cent in summer and autumn.



JA Al Sahra Desert Resort

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