Our Heritage

Our journey, which led to us becoming an international hospitality company known for its unique collection of properties, started in 1981 with the formation of Dutco Hotels. Named after our parent company which was established in 1947, the new company owned and operated the Arabian Gulf’s first two resort properties in Dubai: JA Jebel Ali Hotel and JA Hatta Fort Hotel.

Dutco Hotels continued to develop through the 1980s and 1990s with the addition of JA Palm Tree Court, a 9-hole golf course, stables and shooting club, to what was then operating as JA Jebel Ali Hotel & Golf Resort. An additional 25 rooms were added to JA Hatta Fort Hotel and we opened JA Oasis Beach Hotel in the capacity as a hotel operator.

In 2002, with international markets becoming more important, the decision was made to leverage the flagship resort’s name to gain greater recognition for the other hotels in the portfolio. Jebel Ali International Hotels was born and over the next few years, JA Bateaux Dubai, Al Sahra Desert Resort, The Centre Of Excellence, The Spa and JA Oasis Beach Tower joined the eclectic collection.

A decade later, then firmly established as a leading home-grown entity in Dubai’s vibrant hospitality sector, new horizons beckoned. Our name, however, was still focused on one specific area of Dubai (Jebel Ali). We knew that if we were to develop overseas, we needed to create a brand that could bridge the divide. After an extensive brand redevelopment project, JA Resorts & Hotels was formed in 2012.

True to the mandate that gave birth to JA Resorts & Hotels, new destinations soon found their place in the unique portfolio. We opened JA Enchanted Island Resort in Seychelles and JA Manafaru in the Maldives. We also added JA Ocean View Hotel in Dubai – it is the place where everything began after all.

Today, JA Resorts & Hotels manages a unique portfolio of hotels, resorts and hospitality operations. They include but are not limited to restaurants, event catering, golf, horse and camel riding, gourmet dinner cruises, fishing trips, a marina, a shooting club and sports facilities such as full-sized football and rugby pitches.