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hadiya corporate loyalty program dubaiDefinition: A booker is anyone who has a signed corporate rate agreement or any corporate contracted business with JA Resorts & Hotels.

Benefit: The booker can redeem either 1 points per AED 100 materialized and paid revenue (excluding Municipality fee and Service Charge) for High Street Vouchers or 5 points per AED 100 of materialized and paid revenue for JA Resorts & Hotels vouchers. Each Point is the equivalent to AED 1

Example: AED 50,000 (excluding Municipality fee & Service Charge) The following could be redeemed:
AED 500 worth of High Street Vouchers or AED 2500 worth of JA Resorts & Hotels vouchers

Terms & Conditions

  • Corporate booker’s can register for the Loyalty scheme by filling in the booker form agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Once registered, a booker can be eligible to collect vouchers once they have spent  AED 20,000 excluding 10% Municipality fee and 10% Service Charge in any of the JA Resorts & Hotels outlets or hotels within the first year.
  • There will be a minimum redemption of AED 100 high street vouchers or AED 500 JA Resorts & Hotels vouchers.
  • Points will be calculated only the actual revenues generated from accommodation, Food and Beverage, Conference, Teambuilding Activities and Events.
  • Value of the vouchers cannot be used against the settlement of the current events or accommodation bookings and can be redeemed only for future.
  • It is the responsibility of the booker to use the vouchers within the validity period, they cannot be exchanged or extended once issued.
  • JA Resorts & Hotels Vouchers will be valid for a 12-month period and can be used in any F&B outlets or hotels for personal use
  • When using the JA Resorts & Hotels Vouchers, if the value of the bill is more than the value of the voucher the guest must pay the difference.
  • When using JA Resorts & Hotels Vouches, the original vouchers must be presented for any redemption.
  • JA Resorts & Hotels Vouchers can be used for all outlets and hotels year round with the exception of public holidays.
  • This program is applicable across JA Resorts & Hotels properties such as Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Oasis Beach Tower, Ocean View Hotel, Hatta Fort Hotel, Bateaux Dubai and Al Sahra Desert Resort. Excluding outside catering.
  • The points will not be earned on cancellation fees, non-arrivals or early departure.
  • The vouchers, once requested, will be issued within 21 days of the end of the calendar month on all materialized and paid for bookings.
  • Points will not be earned on third party commission-able business.
  • If using the JA Resorts & Hotels Vouchers to pay for booking the hotel or outlet must be informed of this upon making reservation.
  • The JA Resorts & Hotels Vouchers are non-transferable.
  • Vouchers can not be exchanged for cash and no refund will be given on unused portions of the vouchers
  • JA Resorts & Hotels reserve the right to change the terms and conditions relating to the Corporate Loyalty Programme without notice.
  • The booker is taking the responsibility of ensuring that their current employer has no objections to them being a member of this loyalty programme.
  • If the booker moves from one company to another they just inform JA Resorts & Hotels to ensure that their membership is updated.

For more information or updates, please contact Ms Emily Mortil on Tel: +971 4 315 4355 or e-mail emily.mortil@jaresorts.com