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JA Centre of Excellence is fully committed in developing inventive football players with excellent decision making skills. 

Kids Match With premier league standard facilities and with coaches holding UEFA A and B License’s we can maximize the opportunity for all players to help further their individual development.

With our unique style of coaching our sessions are challenging, educational, realistic and enjoyable. We believe placing the children in a non-pressured environment will help them to fulfill their potential.

For players aged 6-12 we focus on the key technical aspects the game presents.

  • Receiving
  • Releasing
  • Running with the ball
  • Retaining

Monday & Wednesday 5.30pm – 6.45pm
9-12 year old, 13-16 year old, 16-18 year old

Monday 5.30pm – 6.45pm - Goal keeper Specific coaching
Sunday & Tuesday 5.30pm – 7pm (players must attend both days)
Advanced Groups (invitation only after being assessed in open group)
8 – 16 years old

Saturday 9am – 10am
Coaching for 5 - 8 year old - AED 1080* per person (12 weeks)

Wednesday 5.30pm – 6.45pm
Girls Only Coaching

Thursday 2pm – 5pm
Individual/Specific Unit Coaching and One to One coaching or position
specific training with groups of no more than 8 players

Once children become 13 there is a transition to 11v11, which provides new challenges for players. Here at the JA Resorts & Hotels we support this transition with consideration and understanding. To help aid this all training sessions are relevant to the game by delivering functional practices, phases of play and 11v11 coaching sessions. Talented players maybe able to deal with the demands of the transition form small sided games to 11v11 technically, but it is the tactical development and individual game understanding, which is the priority. Players will develop certain positional preferences meaning they will see the relevance and value of our different types of practices.

Every player registered receives Umbro shirt, shorts, socks, bag, shin pads, water bottle, sweat band and skill ball.

25% sibling discount is available.

For more information, please call +971 4 883 0828 or e-mail coe@jaresorts.com