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7aside League Rules

  • Maximum 20 players per squad
  • Each game is 25minutes and kick off will be decided by the team losing the coin toss and winners having a choice of ends.
  •  Substitutes are roll on roll off once ball is out of play.
  •  Throw ins not kick ins.
  •  There are no slide tackles. If you slide a direct free kick will instantly be awarded even if the ball is clearly won.
  •  All players are allowed in the area and goalkeepers are allowed out the area. 
  •  If a foul is committed outside the box then it will result in a direct free kick.
  •  All free kicks are DIRECT.
  •  The defending team may place a wall 7yards away.
  • If a foul is committed inside the box it will result as a penalty. The penalty taker is only allowed a maximum of two steps for run up.
  •  If a malicious ‘intending to cause harm to another player’ foul is committed anywhere on the field of play it will result as a penalty. A yellow card will not always result in a penalty.
  • Any player receiving a yellow card will result in a 2minute sin bin and also gain 1pt on the disciplinary register.
  • Any player receiving 2 yellow cards in the same game will result in no further participation for that game and also gain 3pts on the disciplinary register.
  • Any player receiving a red card will result in no further participation for that game and also gain 5pts on the disciplinary register.
  • If a team totals up more than 15pts your team will lose 3pts and any further disciplinary points will result in 1pt deduction for each disciplinary point gained. Any team reaching 25pts will be removed from the league for that season
  • If a team fails to provide 5 or more players at kick off then a walkover will awarded to the opposition (3-0 win).
  • If a team has 5 or more players the game will commence.
  • The referee at any stage of the game may abandon the match for any circumstance. If the game is abandon due to one team actions the other team will get a 3-0 win. If the referee decides to abandon the game because of both teams’ actions, then both teams will receive a 3-0 loss
  • Only players should be present on the pitch during game time. At no point should subs, managers etc enter the field.
  • Pitch dimensions 57m by 40m