Al Sahra Desert Resort
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Catering & Events:
Telephone: +971 4 814 5555 / 5319

Equestrian Centre:
Telephone: +971 4 427 4055
Mobile: +971 56 177 2856
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Camel Excursions in Dubai

camel excursion dubaiAl Sahra Equestrian Centre offers the opportunity to ride our magnificent camels in their natural habitat. This is an exciting 1.5 hours experience. You will hear about the history of the camel, get to taste camel milk and then enjoy a 40 min camel ride.

With you perched safely in the saddle, our experienced camel handler will lead your trusty camel out into the desert to watch the sunrise or the sunset over Dubai. Camels are known as the ships of the desert- they will carry you safely across the desert and back again.

camel activities dubaiDuring the ride you can see the superb Dubai skyline, and maybe catch a glimpse of a desert fox or a tiny gazelle

Special offers will include sunset rides with bubbly. Whether for a special occasion or just for a memorable time in Dubai.