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Adrian Hayes

adrian hayesAdventurer, Traveler, Inspirational Speaker, Thrill-Seeker; Four statements that describe the man who walked the entire path of North Pole, South Pole and climbed Mt Everest in the shortest period of time - Adrian Hayes. An acclaimed British born, UAE-based, record-breaking polar explorer, international keynote speaker, business coach and sustainability leader, Adrian set a Guinness World record in 2007 for becoming one of only 15 people to reach the three extreme points of the Earth. He holds a second Guinness World Record for the longest unsupported Arctic expedition in history (kite assisted), the 2009 vertical crossing of the Greenland ice cap. His most recent expedition in 2011 was a 44-day 1,600 km crossing of the Arabian Desert on foot and by camel following in the footsteps of 1940s British explorer Wilfred Thesiger. Footsteps of Thesiger’ is available in stores throughout the Middle East and online worldwide, and the documentary of the same name has recently been shown on Discovery World.

Formerly a Gurkha Officer, Adrian was a Special Forces reservist in the British Army. His next voyage will see attempt to summit the ‘Savage Mountain’, K2, the second-highest mountain on Earth, on the border of Pakistan and China. With a peak elevation of 8,611m (28,251 feet), Adrian will face the most challenging experience of his life between June and August 2013, over a period of 60 days. He has spent 21 days training in the mountains of Nepal, including an ascent of 6,160 m Island Peak (Imja Tse).

Due to its extreme cold, hazards of altitude, rock fall and avalanche danger, the mountain has been summited by only 300 people since its first ascent in 1954, compared to over 4,000 people who have summited Mount Everest in the same period.

Speaking of the expedition, Hayes said: “I've been planning, preparing and training vigorously for K2 for over a year before the trek to Nepal. As such, there can never be any guarantee of success, but all I can do is to be at the very top of my game physically, mentally and technically.”

Reaching the summit of K2 will make Hayes one of only three people in history who have summited the world’s two highest mountains and reached both poles, and he will be the first Briton to have achieved this.

David Thomson, Chief Operating Officer at JA Resorts & Hotels, who has known Adrian for many years, says, “Adrian is a man of nature and adventure, and being a friend of his means I get to hear thrilling stories first-hand! I will keep supporting his endeavors and I wish him well for his next expedition.”

JA Resorts & Hotels has been an avid supporter of Adrian Hayes, and have continually supported his missions for nearly two years, through successively running his social media channels and helping in spreading the word of his thrilling journeys across the world.

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